Data Processing Services

Forms Processing

At Aristomind we process various source documents, scanned images and hard copies, to clients' required outputs.


What We Offer?

  1. Insurance Claims (HCFA, UB92 etc.)
  2. Courier Forms
  3. Traffic Citations
  4. Payroll Forms
  5. Questionnaires
  6. Survey Forms
  7. Income Tax Forms
  8. Voter Registration Forms
  9. Coupons / Warranty Cards
  10. Yellow Pages
  11. Account Opening Forms
  12. Invoices
  13. Rebate Coupons


Target Industries/companies
  1. Banks & financial Services
  2. Insurance
  3. Logistics & Supply Chain
  4. Health Care
  5. Education
  6. Retail Chains


Data Entry & Data Capture

Data Capture (also known as Data Processing, Data Keying or Data Entry) is one of the core activities of Aristomind .Our Customized service allows Clients to convert their paper based data into valuable digital information. Our 24/7 operations allow us to capture high volumes of data with a rapid work turnaround time whilst ensuring very high standards of data quality throughput.


High Volume, High Quality Services


We have the capacity to process 25000 in-bound documents per day. Our checking, Verification and validation processes mean we guarantee accuracy in excess of 99.98% for all data capture processes.

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