What we offer with Web 2.0?

With web 2.0 technology we design fine websites that work. Simplicity is the key in WEB 2.0 design. Present the user with the information they are looking for through clean and clear design elements. This is because most designers have come to the common consensus that simple design tends to be more effective. This key characteristic allows the user to read the page more fluidly without having to jump around looking for the information they seek giving a calm easy surfing experience. We design websites with the following aspects.


  • Centered websites
  • 3d effects
  • Neutral, soft to the eye background colors
  • Strong colors
  • Cute icons
  • Liberal use of White space
  • Clear large distinctive text


Centered websites

Centered orientation for websites are becoming more and more common in today's WEB 2.0 design styles, taking over from the more common liquid and left-oriented websites of the past. The common idea in the past was to cram as much of the information as possible within the viewing area of the page and the liquid design style was an effective method of achieving this. However in recent times this has given way to the centered fixed width website.


3d effects

WEB 2.0 designs uses reflections, fades and drop-shadow effects to create 3D style design elements. Used sparingly, these can have excellent results.


Neutral, soft to the eye background colors

White simple backgrounds have become extremely popular in the WEB 2.0 design concept overtaking the more common intense designs of the past


Strong colors

Web 2.0 design also employs the use of strong vibrant colors used sparingly to give a punchy crisper feel to the design of the website. These elements will be mainly buttons, icons or even small graphics to act as accents to the webpage. The over use of such elements can result in poor results. Moderation is the key!


Cute icons

The common theme in WEB 2.0 is not to use too many attractive or eye catching elements within a page. The same principle of use sparingly applies to the cute icons. These 3D icons with smooth gradients can add a finished style to the webpage however if used excessively will not comply with WEB 2.0 style and have a poor effect on the user's experience.


Liberal use of White space

Latest website designs have been based on creating fresh feel when the user enters the site. The general consensus in WEB 2.0 design is to use white space liberally in order to reduce cluttering and accent with the elements discussed above to give the user a clean and fresh feel. Use of spacious design and clean white space gives WEB 2.0 design the distinctive new feel.


Clear large distinctive text.

Web 2.0 design is mainly concerned with presenting the information to the user clearly and cleanly. Therefore larger text makes it easier to convey your message to the visitor. This however does not mean that WEB 2.0 design style forces one to present all text content in super size. The key concept in WEB 2.0 is to make the most important text on your page appear bigger. Clearly defined titles and sub categories and properly organized content is the gist of what WEB 2.0 is about.

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