SEO Process

Website Analysis and Report

A preliminary analysis will be done of your website to determine its status and ranking on the internet and a report will be provided outlining these details. This will give businesses the opportunity to compare results before and after the optimization process to be able to see the changes and improvements.


Keyword Target and Search

A thorough search will be done to determine what the best keywords are for your website in order to get you the best return per click on the internet. Research will be done into what keywords are searched the most in your industry and which ones have the least competition in order to be able to optimize your site to appear at the top of the search engines. Determining which keywords to use in the optimization of your website is one of the most important steps in the search engine optimization process. It will determine what customers come to your site by using their search information to build your site optimization. The biggest mistake companies make today in SEO is they try to optimize their site for a very common phrase in their industry that has so much competition already that trying to get to the top of the search engines is almost impossible. The key is to find keywords that people are searching but that are not impossible to obtain rankings for. This is what will bring you results in the search engines.


Link Building

One of the factors that search engines consider very important when ranking your website is the number of quality links that you have directing internet users to your website. These are basically links on other websites that have a decent page rank and that are related to your industry. These links will send users to your website. The search engines consider these as a type of vote of confidence in your website and the more links you have, the more important the search engines consider you to be. We will take the time to research what websites are receiving the most traffic in your industry and which ones offer a link exchange or linking program in order to build up your links on the internet. We will also research what links your competitorís have that are helping them to maintain their top search engine rankings, and see if we can get your website listed on those linking pages as well.


Content Development

Another important part of SEO is the actual content on your website. The search engines will crawl your website every so often to see what content your website contains and if it notices that your content is always the same or that it is not original content it will consider your website to be of less importance than a website that is always updating and providing original content to users. This will result in a lower ranking and less visits from the search robots. In order to prevent this, we will work with your company to build quality content for your website that is completely original but that will also target important keywords for your industry. Creating this content takes a lot of time and effort as too much content without enough keywords can also prevent good rankings. It is the proper combination of these two steps that will aid you in your search engine optimization process.


Code Optimization

This part of the optimization process has to do with the actual coding of your web pages and requires the knowledge of a qualified programmer. Much of the code used in todayís websites is not search engine friendly and needs to be adapted to obtain maximum exposure. Our team will work with you to modify and add to the coding on your website so that it will play a more effective role in your optimization process. This way the quality of text that is seen by the search engines for your website will increase resulting in better rankings. There are many ways to add more quality content and keywords into the back end of your website and knowing how to do this properly is just one more step in maximizing the visibility of your site.


Site Submission

There are many quality directories on the website offering users information on businesses and their services worldwide. We will research what directories are receiving the most traffic on the web and complete the process for submitting your site to these directories. Some of the directories offer paid listings and we will research which ones are going to be worthwhile and profitable in the long run and which ones will give your website the most exposure in your target market.


Site Maintenance

The final process and one often forgotten among website owners, is the maintenance of the site. The internet is constantly changing and in order to maintain your rankings in the search engines, it is imperative that your website change along with it. For a small monthly fee, we will continually research the current trends in the internet and continue to modify and optimize your site accordingly. Whether it means adding your website to new directories or linking pages or modifying the code or content to better target your clients, we will update your site accordingly on a monthly basis to ensure a profitable internet experience.


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